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Canine Country Club, Inc.

888 N. Penryn Road

Manheim, Pennsylvania 17545

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Choose from one of our 6 rooming sections to find the best fit for your furry friend!

Happy Hounds

$28* ($23 /each additional roommate)

Includes potty breaks, patios & individual playtime

(20 square foot rooms)

Fancy Suites

$33* ($28 /each additional roommate)

Includes potty breaks, patio & 1 hour of group or individual playtime on turf yards

(25 square foot rooms)

Chelsea Condos

$38* ($33 /each additional roommate)

Includes potty breaks on turf yards, 1 hour group or individual playtime, and a large 35 square foot room


$43* ($38 /each additional roommate)

Includes potty breaks on turf yards, 1 hour of group daycare playtime (morning AND afternoon)

Large 35 square foot rooms

Feline Villas

$20 ($18 /each additional roommate)

(Kitty Cats Only!) Includes individual time in lounge or Villa, Litter and box included

*Please note there is a 2 day minimum charge on ALL overnight stays

*Prices subject to change without notice



We understand that every pet in our care is special and has individual needs. That is why we include daily playtime & exercise for every one of our guests at no additional cost. While normally these features are extra add-ons, we believe that all the guests at our Club should have these benefits! By using this approach, we guarantee a much happier and healthier stay for your loved one.


Personalized Care

While rooming at the Club, we make sure your dog or cat will receive the personalized attention he or she knows and loves at home. Every one of our furry guests will become quickly acquainted with our caring staff, and shown the same love and respect that we share with our own pets. We believe that this way, we can reduce stress and make everyones stay as enjoyable and fun as possible!


Medication Fees


$.75 each administration

Ears / Eyes:

$.75 per treatment


$.75 per treatment

No Medication Fees for our Clubhouse Guests!



Pennsylvania State Law requires that you provide us with documented proof of

current Rabies Vaccinations for both Canines & Felines

We also require documented proof of current DHLP, and Bordatella Vaccinations for your canine and FVRCP for feline to stay with us. We highly recommend but DO NOT require the Canine Influenza Vaccination

Required for DOGS: (Proof of Current)

Rabies Vaccinations

DHLP Vaccinations

Bordetella Vaccinations

Required for CATS: (Proof of Current)

Rabies Vaccination

FVRCP Vaccination

(Required Vaccinations must be administered at least 14 days prior to your pet’s stay)

Out of state guests must provide a Certificate of Good Health in addition to all current vaccination records from their home veterinarians office

Please note: We WILL NOT make any exceptions to our vaccination policy.

Refer to our FAQ page for more information about vaccinations or call 717-665-2710



One labeled toy or chew bone

Your pet’s favorite Treats!

Food (Individually bagged meals or in a small labeled container with a scoop)




Bowls (for food & water)

Blankets and Beds

Everything else your pet will need to have a great time!

Dry Food*

if you don’t bring your own

(extra fee may apply)

Purina One Chicken & Rice

Never been to the Club? Call us today and schedule your FREE tour of our facility!

Tours are by appointment only please.


  1. Bullet Climate controlled Rooms

  2. Bullet Daily Playtime & Exercise

  3. Bullet 4-6 Daily Individual Potty Breaks

  4. Bullet Gentle Background Music 24/7

  5. Bullet Maid Service & Fresh Bedding Daily

  6. Bullet Large Turf & Grass Exercise Yards

  7. Bullet Each Guest Receives a Personal

“goodnight” at Roll-Call Every Night!



Any Clubhouse or Daycare guest desiring to room in a Club section (Happy Hounds, Jazz Flats, Fancy Suites, or Chelsea Condos) is required to wait a minimum of 14 days since their last attendance at the Clubhouse before rooming in a Club section. This is to prevent any possible spread of unwanted germs or contamination between sections.

For more information, please call The Club 717-665-2710


Our Rooming rates are charged by the DAY. Your final rooming charge will depend on time of drop-off and pick-up.  If you drop off in the morning (before noon) you will be charged for a full day that day. If you drop off in the evening (after noon) you will be charged for a 1/2 day that day. If you pick up in the morning (before noon), you will be charged for a 1/2 day that day. If you pick up in the evening (after noon), you will be charged for a full day that day.

Our minimum rooming charge is for 2 full days on any stay at the Club.

For more information, please call The Club 717-665-2710