Meet our Team

We are proud to introduce you to our team! Even though we all have a passion for dogs and cats, we know that working at a pet resort requires much more than that! That is why each individual member has under-gone extensive training in both pet-care and animal behavior. We take pride in our teamwork and strive to make Canine Country Club the best it can be for you and your furry friends!

Gary - Founder

Kim - Founder

Dashia - Owner

Cody - Owner

Nicole - Manager

Tracy - Manager

Brittany - Asst Mngr

Brittany - Pro

Katie - Supervisor

Kendra - Supervisor

Emily - Supervisor

Terri - Pro

Bee - Pro

RJ - Pro

Edrea - Pro

Val - Pro

Ali - Groomer

Windsor - CCC Mascot

Electra - Team CCC

Hope - Groomer


Janelle - Asst Mngr

Cassidy - Oasis Pool

Jordan - Oasis Pool