Welcome to The Oasis Canine Pool! We are located at 346 S. Erisman Rd, Manheim (About 8 miles west of Canine Country Club on 888 Penryn Rd, Manheim)

The pool is 16’ x 32’ and 4’ deep. Steps on either end make it easy for your pup to enter and exit the water. A large concrete area surrounding the pool makes for a fun place to romp and play when out of the water. The water is crystal clear and clean and we recommend and encourage pet parents to swim with their pups! (Please no children under 16 in the pool area)

Swimming is by appointment only (except for Monday, Wednesday, & Friday Evening Open Swim).

All dogs are required to complete an Introductory Swim Session before any private swim sessions or Open Swims.

Individual Sessions (1 dog) $15 half hour, $30 for an hour

Group Sessions (3+ dogs)

$12.50/dog for half hour, $15/dog for a hour

Introductory Swim Session (required for 1st session)

$30 (half hour private session for up to 2 family dogs)

Open Swim Night: (Mon-Wed-Fri 6:30-8:00pm) $15/dog

NEW! Package discount! 10 days / $100

Vaccines Required: Rabies, DHLP, and Bordetella

Mon: 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm (Open Swim)

Tue: Call for Appointment

Wed: 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm (Open Swim)

Thurs: Closed

Fri: Call for Appointment

6:30 pm- 8:00 pm (Open Swim)

Sat: Call for Appointment

Sun: Call for Appointment

Thanks for a GREAT summer!


for the Season

Re-opening May 2018!

The OASIS Canine Pool